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Our cleaning service

What services do the cleaners provide?

We offer three types of cleaning service. Standard clean which is a lighter clean that covers all the important areas of the house, perfect if you book a regular clean with us. A deep clean which is a more thorough clean which we recommend if your house hasn’t been cleaned professionally in the last three months. We can also offer you do move in/move out cleans which includes the spot cleaning of all walls and cleaning inside all of your cupboards. We can also offer you extra services like laundry or organization.

How do I know what has been cleaned?

All of our cleaners work to our 58 point checklist that we guarantee to complete. They work through your home, ticking off the tasks as they complete them. Once they have finished all of the tasks on the checklist they offer a walk thru to ensure you are completely satisfied. That way you can be confident that all of the tasks have been completed to the highest NLZ Cleaning standard.

What is a deep clean?

A deep clean is for first-time customers or customers who haven’t had their home professionally cleaned in the last three months. To see the extra things we do for deep cleans, take a look at our checklist.

Do you offer end of tenancy cleans?

Of course we do! At NLZ Cleaning we call end of tenancy cleans move in/move out cleans because sometimes you need a really thorough clean when you are moving into a new home. Our cleaners work to a check list for move in/move out cleans which includes spot cleaning all the walls and cleaning inside all the cupboards but if there is a specific task you want your cleaning team to focus on then please let us know.

Why do you charge a flat rate price?

We charge a flat rate price per number of bedrooms rather than per hour, this means that you know exactly what we promise to provide, and our cleaners keep working until the job is done. As our cleaner cleans to a checklist you know exactly what is included in the price. It really is that simple!

Where do you operate?

We service a number of locations. Primarily Nassau County, New York City and Jersey City. We also have teams in a few locations across the United States. Louisville, Indianapolis, Scottsdale, San Diego, Miami, and Baltimore.

On the day of your clean

What time will the cleaners arrive?

Our cleaners will always try to arrive on time for your clean however please allow 30 minutes to take into account heavy traffic. We recommend if you need to leave your house for example by 10am that you book your clean for 9:30am to make sure the cleaners are there in plenty of time before you need to leave. We will give you a call if your cleaner is going to be late but please call the Customer Service Team at 443 492 9552.

How many cleaners to you send?

We typically send teams of 2, but for smaller properties we will usually send just one cleaner to get the job done.

Do your cleaners bring their own supplies?

Yes, our cleaning teams come completely prepared to make your house shine! They will bring the following:

  1. Vacuum cleaner (if you don’t have one)
  2. Mop and bucket
  3. Kitchen and bathroom cleaner
  4. Window and glass cleaner
  5. Furniture spray
  6. Oven cleaner
  7. Non abrasive spray
  8. Bleach
  9. Non abrasive cleaner
  10. Sponge cleaners
  11. Cloths for windows, floors, furniture
  12. Steel scourers
  13. Gloves
  14. Products against lime scale and mould

About your booking

What if I don’t want to book online?

That’s ok if you don’t want to book online – we have a dedicated Customer Service Team here at NLZ Cleaning so just give them a call on 443 492 9552 or email us at and leave your number and one of the team will call you back.

Do I need to enter my card details to book?

Yes. We need to take payment information to book your appointment, but your card will not be charged until after your cleaning has been successfully completed. Guaranteed.

How do I amend or cancel my booking?

It is simple to amend or cancel your booking, you can either login to your account or please email us at and we will take care of your request. Please contact us by 5pm the day before your cleaning if you wish to cancel your booking otherwise there is a $70 late cancellation fee.

Can I make a same day or last minute booking?

Of course! We are really proud of the fact that we can book you in for a clean on the same day (our record was being able to find a cleaner for a job on a Saturday afternoon in just 50 minutes!). Just give us a call on 443 492 9552 and we will book you in for that short notice clean at a time that suits you. While not guaranteed, we’ll do our best to get someone to you fast at a moments notice!

Can I book a regular clean?

Yes, of course! Just select the frequency of your clean, monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly, when you make your booking. To say thank you we will even offer you a NLZ Cleaning discount for booking a regular service. After your first booking your future appointments will be automatically booked in so you can expect your cleaner at the same time every week or twice a month.

Can I book for any time?

Of course! We put you into control so you will be able to view and select available appointment times from our online calendar.

What cities do you clean in?

At the moment our cleaners work hard in all of Nassau County, Queens County and the Western half of Suffolk County. Take a look at our cities pages to see a list of the cities where we clean. If you don’t see where you live on these pages just get in touch at and we will let you know if we clean in your area or when we plan to start to cleaning there.

Can I make a special request?

Absolutely! We put you in control so if you have got a particular product you would like us to use in your kitchen or a precious item you want us to avoid when dusting just include the information in your booking. We will then pass these details onto the cleaner.

What happens after I make a booking?

Once you have completed your online booking you will immediately receive a confirmation email. This is there to reassure you that your booking has gone through. We will then assign our best available cleaning team to complete your house clean. Once we have assigned a cleaner we will send you another email with their name so you know who to expect. We also send text message and email reminders to you before the clean, to make sure you don’t forget!

How do I edit a booking?

It is simple to edit your booking online. So if you change your mind and decide to add on an oven clean or choose to book a deep instead of a standard clean we can accommodate that request. If you wish to edit your booking less than 24 hours before your clean then please call the Customer Service Team at 443 492 9552.


What extra services do NLZ Cleaning provide?

For an extra charge you can book a number of services on top of your clean including:

  1. Cleaning inside the oven
  2. Cleaning inside the fridge
  3. Cleaning the inside of your windows
  4. Professional carpet cleaning

Is there anything you can’t do?

We would like to say no, that anything is possible here at NLZ Cleaning. However we don’t clean the outsides of windows, mow lawns or babysit your kids. However if you do have any special requests or want a hand in arranging any of the above then just get in touch as we would love to help you.

Can I make regular or one off special requests?

Of course, just include the information when you make a booking and we will pass on the details to your cleaner.

How long does carpet cleaning take?

We estimate around 45 minutes per room.

Billing and payment

How do I redeem a discount code?

It’s easy, all you need to do is include the code on the booking form when asked and the discount will be applied from your booking instantly.

How do I pay?

We take your credit or debit card details at the time of booking however we will only collect payment after your cleaning service has been performed. We accept all major credit cards (including American Express) and debit cards for payment

When will my card be charged?

We will never charge your card before your clean. We will only take payment after your cleaning service has been performed. Guaranteed.

Is my card payment secure?

Yes it is, our payment technology is provided by Stripe. Their SSL encrypted, PCL compliant system is completely secure and trusted by companies worldwide. You can read more about them on

Will I be charged if I cancel my booking?

If you cancel your clean later than 5pm the day before your scheduled clean, we have to charge you a cancellation fee of $70. If you re-book a clean with NLZ Cleaning then half of the cancellation fee will be applied towards your next service.

Insurance & Keys

Do you have insurance?

Oh yes! Our comprehensive insurance coverage delivers total peace of mind. We have made sure that trusting us with your home is as risk free as possible. Accidents do occasionally happen but if they do we will ensure that everything is resolved as quickly as possible.

How much insurance do you have?

We have $1,000,000 public liability insurance. That way you have total peace of mind that your home and belongings are protected. If you have any questions about our policy please email

Do I need to be home for my booking?

No you don’t need to be home while we clean your house. If you would like to leave the key with a neighbor or somewhere secure. Just add instructions when you make your booking. On your first clean with NLZ Cleaning we do like you to be home so you can show us around your property and point out any areas that you would like us to focus on but we understand that isn’t always possible.

Can I leave my keys with my cleaner?

Of course, if you book a regular clean with us we will always assign the same cleaner to the job. If you would like to leave your keys with your cleaner they will keep them secure for your next clean.

NLZ Cleaning Technicians

What is your recruiting process?

We hire only the most motivated, reliable and experienced cleaners in the area. To be accepted as a cleaner for NLZ Cleaning all our candidates must undertake a rigorous selection and recruitment process. This includes a telephone interview followed by a face to face interview. If they pass these we then perform a reference check on all of the teams. Finally we ask all candidates to perform a test clean so that we can inspect the quality of their cleaning. If the teams pass the quality inspection then we welcome them to the family.

How do I become a trusted cleaner at NLZ Cleaning?

Simple, just email us at telling us a bit about your cleaning experience, and we’ll help you apply.

Can you provide a replacement cleaning tech if my cleaner goes on vacation?

Yes, we will. Your cleaner will need to take a well deserved vacation from time to time and when they do we will send another reliable cleaner to complete your clean to the usual NLZ Cleaning standard.

Are NLZ Cleaning Techs well looked after?

Yes, we are a close knit team here at NLZ Cleaning and we have got a close relationship with all our cleaners. We pride ourselves on allowing our cleaners to work flexibly which is important where they have children to collect from school or other caring responsibilities. We also pay our cleaners more than other cleaning companies do, this is so we attract only the most experienced and reliable cleaners in your area.

Will I get the same cleaning team every time if I book a regular clean?

Sure, you will get the same team every time. Unless someone is unwell or enjoying a well deserved vacation  we will keep sending the team that you are comfortable and familiar with.


How do I give feedback

We will send you an email once the clean is complete asking you for feedback. Please do take time to complete this as we like to give our cleaners a bonus for receiving a five star review. We promise to act on any feedback you send us as we are a young company trying to improve so please do share any suggestions that you have on how we can improve.

Window Cleaning & House Washing

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

Twice per year, deep clean your exterior and interior windows, tracks, sills, and screens. At least twice in between, clean just the exterior glass. This ensures the exterior glass which accumulates the most dirt and grime is taken care of to maintain a clear bright view.

How Does The Water Fed Pole Work?

Using Pure Water technology, the filtration system filters out all the impurities and minerals in the water, leaving crystal clear water that rips dirt from your windows and dries spot free. This requires no soaps or chemicals, just a simple agitation with our brush.

Our Home Washing Process

Many companies use high pressure to blast away the dirt from your home. This brute force strategy comes with a higher risk of damage and you’re not taking care of the main culprit causing the grimy build up. In order to keep the home clean for months to come, you must kill the bacteria that is currently growing. We use a special blend of products to do just that. The main ingredient is sodium-hypochlorite. Similar to what is put in a swimming pool to kill bacteria. This kills the mold at it’s source, and leaves your home looking clean and bright for months to come.

Can You Remove Hard Water Stains?

In short, Yes. In most cases we can remove hard water stains to restore your windows to their original splendor. However because glass is porous, some stains left for long periods of time can become permanent.

Do I Need to Prep Anything?

There is virtually nothing you need to do to prep for your window cleaning. It can be helpful if you move valuables or knick-knacks that might be on the window sill or areas to be washed. When it comes to larger items that need to be moved, we will take care of that.

Airbnb Keys

How do I give you my keys?

There are a few options for getting us your keys, you can select which option you would like to do when you book online – most hosts drop the keys at one of our drop off points.

Can you use my lockbox?

Absolutely! Let us know the code when you book and our team can collect the key from the lockbox at the beginning and return them at the end of service. However, if you do have sets of keys which could be held by us permanently, this would be preferred as a backup to using the lockbox.

How many sets of keys do you need?

Two sets of keys are the minimum requirement if you wish to use our housekeeping and check-in services – We recommend one key per bedroom for guests. 

Will you give my guests your set of keys?

Ideally, no. We find that everything runs a lot smoother if we can retain 2 sets of your keys with your guest’s keys remaining in the home. We appreciate that this is sometimes not possible, if this is the case for you, please email to discuss how we can coordinate your keys.

Can you collect my keys?

We can collect keys between 8am and 8pm for a $30 collection fee – you can add this request to your booking when you book online.

Can you collect keys from my door man?

Yes! Please give your door man permission to release the keys to NLZ Cleaning and we are happy to collect them at the beginning and end of services. We cannot guarantee which housekeeper will be coming to your home so please ensure the concierge is happy to release the keys to any of our team. However, if you do have sets of keys which could be held by us permanently, this would be preferred to using the door man.

Airbnb Services

What’s included in your Housekeeping Service?

NLZ Cleaning’s pay-as-you-go Housekeeping Service is specially tailored for Airbnb hosts. Our fully trained housekeepers will do a full service clean of your flat (service times depends on the size of the flat), make the beds up in fresh linens, replenish amenities such as toilet roll, shampoo and shower gel, tea, coffee and sugar. Trust us, when we are done with your home, your guests will give you a 5 star rating!
When we clean a flat after a guest leaves, our housekeepers will try and provide a heads up on any obvious and substantial damages caused by the guest. That said, we can’t promise to report every mark, stain or scuff as it is unrealistic to provide a full inventory in the time allocated.

What do your Housekeepers not do?

We do not promise a set amount of time per service. In other words, when you book with us, you get a service (outlined above) but not a set number of hours of service. Our team will get your home guest ready and our focus is on presentation for guests – this means that within your service time, we will not provide deep cleaning.
For various reasons including insurance, our housekeepers will not be able to help with the following items:
Oven cleaning (we will clean trays though),
Window Washing, Washing Walls,
Furniture Treatment,
Carpet Treatment or Deep Cleaning,
Cleaning of exterior windows, Animal waste removal,
Gardening & garden shed cleaning,
Garden and/or Patio cleaning,
Mould and/or bio-hazardous substance removal,
Industrial cleaning, The lifting of heavy furniture,
Cleaning surfaces above arms reach,
Cleaning of heavily soiled areas,
Extermination (insects etc.),
Yard work or garage cleaning

Do you provide cleaning products?

Yes we most certainly do! Our housekeepers will come equipped with basic surface cleaners – nothing fancy. If you want us to use special cleaning products for your apartment, just make a note when making a booking.

What do I need to provide?

You will need to provide a vacuum, toilet brush, a bucket and a mop. Top tip – invest a good quality vacuum as the cheaper varieties break or lose their suction very quickly. We recommend a Shark brand vacuum if you have thick carpets and a O-Cedar Microfiber mop. Our housekeepers will thank you for it!
We will also need 1 set of keys if you are booking housekeeping service only and 2 sets if you are planning to book housekeeping and check in services. If we only have 1 set of keys and need to do housekeeping and check in on the same day, there may be an additional charge for transporting the keys

Can I book laundry on its own?

Yes, we can just handle your laundry for a flat fee of $50 for pick up and drop off of bedding and towels.

Can you wash my sheets and towels?

Yes, we offer a laundry service so we will wash your sheets and towels. Freshly laundered linens are part of our housekeeping service.

Can I make special requests for housekeeping service?

Please feel free to add booking notes when you make your booking and our team will follow the requests and instructions when they are servicing your home. Do ensure that the instructions are precise and easy to understand and do not involve anything that is not included in our service offering (See section on Services).

What does a check in service include?

A Check in service buys you 90 minutes of waiting time with one of our lovely welcome pros. They will greet your guests, show them around the flat, provide any instructions that you have given to us about the property such as Wifi and operating the TV and also give them some great local tips! Please let us know these details by forwarding us your House Manual or general guidelines ahead of your guests’ arrival. 

Will the Welcome Pro be a point of contact for the guest?

On the day of the check in, the welcome pro will contact your guest via text/Whatsapp to check whether the guest is on their way and is not lost! But before and after the check in, please do ensure that your guest knows that you are their point of contact and not the welcome pro.

What if my guest is running late for check in?

Our team will wait for up to 90 minutes for your guests to arrive from the time you book the check-in. We appreciate that travel plans can go awry, and we ask that you and your guest keep us updated if they will not arrive within the allocated 90 minutes. If your guest runs late and does not give us more than 2 hour warning, we will have to charge an additional $35 per hour of waiting time. If your guest has not replied to our check-in team’s texts and calls and is running late for 60 minutes, we will call and email you to notify you of the situation.

Airbnb Pricing

What is the cost of housekeeping + laundry service?

Our standard service fees are as follows:

Number of Bedrooms

All Day Flex Price

AM Flex Price

PM Flex Price

Full Price





















Laundry is flat $30 and includes all used bedding and towels.

The prices above are based on the assumption that each bedroom has only one bed/sofabed. Additional beds will be charged an additional $20.

How does Flexible Pricing work?

You give us flexibility of schedule and we give you discounts – up to 10% off the full price! If you book a service to start at a fixed time on a given day, you will pay the Full Price indicated above.
All Day Flex implies full day flexibility i.e. you make a booking for a particular day and then allow us to start our service anytime between 8am and 6pm on that day. AM Flex works well if you need your apartment to be ready in the afternoon – our housekeeper will come to your home and start service anytime between 8am and 12pm. Similarly, the PM Flex means that your service will start anytime between 12pm and 6pm.

What are the charges for Check Ins?

A Check in booked for anytime between 8am and 9pm will be charged $45. Check ins between 9pm and midnight will be charged $90. Check ins after midnight can be arranged upon request.

Airbnb Bookings

How do I make a booking?

Services must be booked online at via email or via phone 443-492-9552 and must be paid in advance.
You can book multiple services in one session. Remember that our calendar gets booked out pretty quickly during peak months (Easter, Christmas and summer) and on peak days such as Friday. You can secure a slot by booking early.

How do I know my booking is made?

When you make a booking on our website, you should get an automated confirmation email setting out the details of your booking. If you do not receive this email please do get in touch with us at – we can then investigate whether the booking has been held up due to technical issues or the payment not being received.

I have a last minute Airbnb booking and I want to book service – What do I do?

We would love to try and accommodate those unexpected bookings on Airbnb! If you want to book a service within the next 48 hours please email us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm whether we can accommodate your service request.

Can I amend or cancel an existing booking?

Yes, of course – please email us at and we will confirm the cancellation or amendment within 1 Business Day of receipt of your email.
If you request for a booking to be amended less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the service, then you will be required to pay additional charges (which could be up to 100% of the service fee). Services cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled start of the service will not be refunded.

Do you serve on weekends and bank holidays?

Yes, we do!