Tips: How To Clean Your Room In Minutes

May 29, 2018 by nlzcleaninglongisland

Tips: How To Clean Your Room In Minutes

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Cleaning your house does not necessarily have to take a huge chunk of your day. When cleaning your house, it is important to work your way from the little things to the big ones especially when you do not plan on hiring a house cleaning service in Long Island.

Making a habit of cleaning your house every day or at least once a week will save you hours of cleaning at the end of the month. You may, however, need to schedule certain times of the week to get this done.

Below are a few cleaning tips which you could employ to keep your house squeaky clean and in order. For the best cleaning service in Long Island 

Bathroom cleaning tips:

Shower Cleaning: Be sure to clean the shower, paying attention to squeegee down the sides of the shower or tub enclosure to remove water droplets. This should be done at least once a week before drying yourself off after a bath.

Shower mirror cleaning – This would take practically less than 30 minutes to accomplish after drying yourself off from the shower. Place a microfiber cloth near the bathroom sink to constantly serve as a reminder to clean your bathroom mirror.

Laundry Tips

Keep Towels Folded: It is important to simplify cleaning and arrangement by keeping towels folded after use. Once done drying yourself off in the morning, cultivate the habit of folding it back neatly and replacing it. In the event, it needs washing, put the towel(s) in the hamper and replace with a fresh, folded one.

Hamper! – Hampers help you cultivate the habit of staying organized. Make sure all your dirty laundry are not left lying around as it would take extra time picking them off the floor on laundry day. Additionally, leaving your laundry scattered gives your room a rather clumsy look.

It is important to keep a cleaning schedule which may be daily or weekly, however, in the event you get all swamped up and too busy to do this, a Long Island Cleaning service company could be the next line of action to restore sanity to your home.

Kitchen cleaning tips:

Wipe Table(s) and/or countertop daily– It is important to wipe your tables and countertops at least once daily to avoid dust build up. Wiping could be done either in the morning or night time.

Rinse the dishes – Rinsing the dishes after each meal makes it easier for scrubbing later, however, it is most advisable to do the dishes right away if you could manage the time.

Empty the garbage – To avoid the foul smell, it is important to empty the garbage at least once a day, this could be done either at night or in the morning.

Wipe the window sills – As applicable to the bathroom mirrors, wiping down your window sills will only take minutes.

Bedroom cleaning tips:

Make your bed – Keep the habit of making your bed every morning. This will practically take all of two minutes of your morning and leave you refreshed and set for the day.

Keep your desk Organize – It is important to keep your desk organized daily for easy access to items especially when you are in a hurry. Desks get clumsy pretty fast.

However, should taking time out daily or weekly to clean your room sound less feasible, you could hire the services of a competent Long Island cleaning service.



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