Why Isn’t There an Easy to Follow Room-By-Room Home Cleaning Guide?

November 21, 2016 by Neal Zott

Families are busier than ever with far less free time than ever before. This so called free time is now spent doing household chores. We crafted an easy to follow guide, so you can do your home cleaning fast, and move onto more important things!


Big cleaning projects are solved with routine maintenance cleaning around the home. The kitchen is often the first place you’ll notice that routine being broken. Dishes start to pile up, and crumbs are found left on countertops. Make it a daily habit to wash any dishes as you use them. Keep a set of clorox wipes in an easy to reach location for any minor spills and messes. When messes can be resolved quick and easy without going out of your way, you’re far more likely to get the mess cleaned up rather than waiting.

Check through your refrigerator on a weekly basis before grocery shopping. Make note of anything expiring soon, and toss anything that’s gone bad. This helps stop bad smells from building up, and makes space for when you return with fresh groceries! Every few months, empty cabinets, and wipe down the interior. Using a hand held vacuum can be a quick way to pick up anything that’s built up over the past few months. Check that all your canned items are still good before placing them back on the shelves.

Use clean cloths throughout your kitchen, and clean them regularly with other laundry to keep them fresh. Once per week, wipe down your countertops, and use a swiffer, or mop to wash the floors.


The main problem here is clutter. Make it the responsibility of every member of the family to put away items they left out.

Tending to your living room is very different from any other space. You’ll find it’s far less messy but more cluttered. Biggest element here is to put everything back in it’s proper place.

Once that is settled, dust any shelves, and wipe down tables and floors. Vacuum carpets, and use a vacuum extension to clean in between and around couch cushions.


This tends to require the most work, and often is where routine cleaning can fall behind. Start with your toilet bowl. Using a spray cleaning solution, spray the entire toilet, and wipe down with paper towels. Use toilet bowl cleaner and a toilet brush to quickly scrub away anything that’s built up inside.

Move on to sinks and mirrors. Wipe down all surfaces, and pay close attention to the base of the faucet and handles. This area is easily missed. Empty the medicine cabinet and wipe any buildup from toothpaste or soap scum. Check everything you took from the cabinet, and make sure it’s still usable and necessary before placing it back inside. Otherwise, throw it out.

Finish your cleaning with your bathtub and/or shower. Spray the entire space with a cleaning solution, and let it soak briefly. Then wipe everything down from top to bottom. Pay close attention to any soap scum or hard water build ups. Use specialty cleaning products if need be. These can make your life alot easier for hard to clean areas.


A great habit is to begin each morning by making your bed. It’s an easy task, and will make you feel like you’ve already accomplished something that day. It’s the biggest item in your room, and will help maintain other areas of your bedroom tidy as well.

Sort dirty clothes every time you change into something new. Keep separate hampers and mark right on the hamper exactly what one load of laundry is. This will remind you not to let laundry build up, and complete it as soon as a load is ready. This also cuts down on folding time. Instead of making laundry a day long process, you can cut this down to under an hour a couple times were week.

Vacuum weekly, dust and wipe down night stands and dressers.