Where Do Cleaning Companies Advertise

November 22, 2016 by duarte0machado


Yelp is a review service for local businesses. From pizzerias, to law firms, anybody can leave a review for businesses on Yelp. These reviews are filtered to maintain the integrity of the site. Cleaning companies can have paid listings, where you pay for each click you receive to your page. As well as Coupon and daily deal type offers to entice visitors to try your service. Depending on the size of your market will dictate the cost for these ads.

Angie’s List

Paid service that works very similar to Yelp. Find local service businesses reviewed by other users. Similar to yelp, the cost to feature your business on Angie’s list is wholly dependant on the number of users in your area. They offer daily deal style listings, coupons, and telephone services to bring additional customers to your website.


Pay per lead provider. Profiles are free, and after selecting your service area, leads will begin to trickle in. Each lead with have a description of the work required, and give you an opportunity to message the client and offer your services for a given price. Each time you bid on a job, you must pay a fee. These fees are dictated by supply and demand.

Home Advisor

Similar to Thumbtack, Home Advisor is a pay per lead service. Users go to the site looking for a cleaning service, and Home Advisor charges providers to receive that client lead.


Adwords is Google’s search ad platform, and shows your ad for people searching for home cleaning in your service area. You’ll directly compete with other advertisers, and pay for each click to your site.

Search Engine Optimization is the free variation of this. Find a way to be on the first page of Google, and this paid traffic is now free.


Facebook ads work just like Google Adwords. These are the ads you see come up in the newsfeed section of your facebook page. Facebook has a tremendous ability to target the exact demographic you want.


Daily deal site offering highly discounted services. Often times deals 50% off or more. Groupon then takes 50% of the revenue generated from these. Service businesses operate at 25% the revenue they would receive on a regular cleaning job by doing a Groupon Deal.

Direct Mail

Sending post cards, flyers, and other advertisements directly to homes and businesses. While it may seem like this style of advertising is a thing of the past, and a fast track to the garbage can, many businesses thrive with this type of marketing. Direct Marketing specialist study exactly how to structure mailings and letters to get people to act.


As old as it gets. Buying space in a newspaper, magazine, or trade journal. Depending on the size of the ad and readership of the newspaper will dictate the cost.