DIY or Hire Window Cleaning Professionals? 4 Things to consider.

March 13, 2017 by [email protected]

Hiring a professional window cleaning like NLZ Window Cleaning can save you a ton of time. Think of your mornings standing in your living room with your coffee gazing outside crystal clear windows. It’s the little things that make the most impact on our lives day to day.

Professional Window Cleaning is more than just windex and paper towel. It requires special tools to achieve and maintain streak free glass.

There’s a few things to think about before deciding to go at it alone.

Time & Effort – Cleaning your windows properly takes time. Especially if you are not armed with the right tools. It’s a strenuous activity requiring you to move ladders all over your home.

Risk – Ladders in itself pose a huge risk of injury. Without proper training, the risk is heightened tremendously (No pun intended). Knowing how to properly stabilize a ladder and climb it effectively takes training.

Final Product – Using the wrong products and tools can leave streaks, scratches, and drips. Windows are expensive, you don’t want to risk replacing them just to get them cleaned.

Here’s some things you may not have thought to ask or do prior to your professional window cleaner arriving.

1. Wipe down your blinds
Take a wet rag and wipe down your blinds. Over time these collect dust just like any other surface in your home. This dust can makes its way to your nice clean windows requiring you to re clean sooner than you usual. Of course you can include this with your window cleaning service as well and kill two birds with one stone.

2. Ask about high to reach items you need cleaned
Window cleaners are armed with tall ladders making hard to reach areas a breeze. Ask what it would cost to clean and detail light fixtures or chandeliers. While time consuming, these items can make a huge impact on your home’s appearance.

3. Move anything breakable
Accidents happen. Make sure your delicate items are protected. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Your window cleaning service should be incredibly careful, but always be mindful they aren’t as familiar with your homes layout as you. Mention anything that can easily be missed to circumvent any accidents.

4. Consider the window screens
Similar to blinds, your screens collect dirt over time. Your screens collect a ton of particles as air passes through them. Without wiping these down occasionally, these particles will break away from the screens and mess up your beautiful clear windows. Screens located on the outside of your home will be much dirtier than interior screens. Use a soap and water solution and give these a deep scrub a few times each year.