Which Cleaning Service Is The Best?

November 22, 2016 by duarte0machado

What a loaded question! I’ll use a number of factors that will help you determine which Cleaning Service is Best for YOU.

Cleaning Service Reviews:

Reviews from a variety of sources is incredibly important for local service businesses. Yelp, Google, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, etc. Any reputable cleaning service with understand the significance these review services are to their business. They’ll take care of these pages as if they were extensions of the business. While the number of reviews will usually be an indication of how long a service has been on a given platform, the quality of the reviews is of higher importance. It’s far more powerful when the reviews are highly detailed than one sentence answers.

Don’t be surprised if there’s a bad review mixed in. Odds are if a business has been around a while, they’ll have a negative review here and there. Look more at how a company responds to these reviews. Does the company directly acknowledge their error, and list steps they’ve taken to fix the issue going forward? That’s the sign of a tremendous company.

Would You Refer Them to Someone?:

If you’ve received a referral from someone, that’s a powerful indicator of a quality service provider. Once you’ve used a cleaning service, ask yourself if you’d recommend the service to someone else. Think of all the services you use on a daily basis. Do you recommend any of these to other people? The recommendations you make are a great indicator of companies you find to be outstanding. Continuing to use a service is one thing, but recommending them to a friend is by far the most powerful sign of a great service.

How Easy is the Cleaning Service to Use:

How easy is it to do business with your cleaning service? What systems do they have in place to make getting your home cleaning as easy as possible. Great companies will offer a variety of ways to contact them to get a cleaning done. Online booking, telephone, like chat. Each of these caters to different clients and their individual preferences. The company knows some of it’s clients are too busy to call every time they need their home cleaned. Some clients need questions answered before booking, but don’t want to waste time with a phone call. Others prefer the tried and true method of calling a local company on the phone. Whatever your preferance, a quality cleaning service will offer a contact method that caters to you.

Is the Cleaning Service Insured?:

Is your cleaning service insured? If not, what will you do if something in your home breaks, or somebody gets injured? Mistakes happen to everyone. Insurance protects everyone involved and ensures nobody is at a loss.

How Trustworthy Are They?:

Would you trust your cleaning service to be in your home unsupervised? It’s incredibly comforting to know you can trust your cleaning service like a friend tending to your home while you’re away.

Does It Fit Your Budget?:

Does your cleaning service fit your budget? Depending on a service’s business model and level of service provided will dictate it’s pricing. There’s quality services that fit most budgets, you just need to find one that fits yours.